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.....Nascent in dreams, nurtured by love, luminous with fulfillment. Let the spiritual harmonies of the Maine Memorabell™ deepen your soul's journey......

This bell is a special bell to give to one sharing endearing memories of times past. The Memorabell's three sides denotes a story of a Great Love represented by Heart (side one), Soaring through the sky represented by a Thunderbolt, to the Moon and Stars represented on the final plate. The bell has three lovely tones. It is powder coated a beautiful 'pearlescent' silver! 

The inside of the hang tag carries the above message and the right hand side is open to write a little message with in the tag.


Height: 10 inches   Tones: Three   

Weight: 4 Pounds   Color: Pearlescent Silver

Memorabell - Maine Bells

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